Iraqi Refugees Aided By Leeds Residents

iraqi refugees


The great kindness from the Horsforth neighborhood could be calculated from the container size of donations from the residents of Leeds.

Volunteers through Saint James’ Woodside Chapel invested the mid-day launching about Fourteen lots associated with contributed winter season supplies and clothes in to lorries and vans ready to head out.


Right after becoming categorized from the Leeds in order to Irak charm from Saint Luke’s Chapel within Holbeck, the actual contributions can make their own method to the actual mountain tops associated with north Irak, in which One.5m refugees possess left through “Islamic State” combating.

Rev Rich Dimery, associated with Saint James’s stated: Others from local schools and within the community, although “We’ve been astounded by the generosity of those who have donated, some who are from the church.

People don’t always realise just how many people are suffering in Iraq, although “We have sent some supplies to Calais. From the One.5m refugees, about One hundred,Double zero tend to be kids, as well as 116,Thousand tend to be women that are pregnant.

“With temperature ranges striking without Twenty levels this particular winter season, as well as most of the refugees from your deserts within the southern, these types of comfortable clothing is conserving lifestyles.”